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Look Up Resources for Pastors and Small Group Leaders
a question for you?

Dear Pastors and group leaders, there is only one question that I believe you need to evaluate when considering lookup2him:

"What would happen to your church if the majority of your congregation connected with God every two hours from 8am to 8pm for the next two months?"

This can happen with lookup2him. We are here to support and grow individuals and churches by delivering the Word of God into people's hands throughout the day so they have a chance of overcoming the noise of the world and truly hear from God. This will empower your church in ways beyond your human understanding. For the sake of all those in your congregation needing a way to make God first in their lives, join us!

If you care to contact me personally, send me an e-mail through the Contact page and I will get back to you.

For His Glory,

Brent Bailey
President of LookUp Ministries
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