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18-year-old college freshman
Lookup is an incredible way to stay connected to God throughout the day. These texts always brighten my day if ever I'm having a bad day, or if I am feeling down for a while. I will open my phone, see the word of God, and know that everything will be alright... More

Influential Christian Leader
“What I cherish about Lookup is that it encourages me to tune into God but even more profound is that I can actually hear Him speak through the verses!  Now most theologians’ would probably respond to that statement with a derogatory “daaaaa”  but for most average Christians, the Bible is not relevant in the ‘real’ world!  Lookup reminds us that the word is the authoritative voice of God and He desires to be relevant in every area of my life...More

Cancer Patient
The joy these text messages bring into my Life is like seeing the bright sun light after a long cloudy day. I am going through a serious health issue and due to chemotherapy am very ill most days. I find myself reading, re-reading and waiting for the next scripture...More

Very Busy Businessman
Without Lookup, my relationship with God was sporadic at best.  Now I have a constant reminder to "look up".  It has affected every part of my life for the better.  It's obvious now that God just wants to be a part of my everyday life.

Denver Seminary Student

I have sought to be in contact and communication with God in an ongoing way daily for many years. The text messages and Scripture passages I have been receiving via Lookup2him ministries has brought me to a new heightened level of intimacy with the Lord...More

Top sales person in his industry
Lookup2him is my consistent hourly breath of fresh air.  No matter how my day is going, each text that comes through reminds me of how blessed I am and that the Lord is amazing!  The texts are like a 60 minute alarm clock, waking me up to what is really important in life.... my relationship with the Father!

IT Innovator for several companies
When I first started the Lookup2him ministry, I wasn’t sure how it would impact my life.  It has proven to be a tremendous catalyst toward deepening my relationship with God...More

Single mother and 9 year old daughter
Well, Krystal and I have both traveled closer to the Lord in our walks.  She is really seeking with such passion and enthusiasm!! It started with LookUp2Him...More

Aerospace Smart Guy
Thank you for providing this valuable LookUp2Him global ministry. Being able to combine hourly scripture with everyday busyness of life has been tremendous...More

Financial Advisor
Look Up 2 Him has impacted my daily routine in a profound way.  First,  I now realize just how caught up I am in the daily grind and all that  life throws at me.   When my cell buzzes to let me know God is  speaking, more often than not I find myself saying, "I can't believe another hour has gone by..." More 

Independent Businessman
My walk with God has been a 25 year journey traveling closer in some seasons and further in others. Making consistent progress over a long period of time has taken a very strong effort, mostly to no avail...More

18 year old participant
The texts that I get from lookup2him are so inspirational.  I could be having a bad day and I get a text saying, "Put all your trust in the lord".  It is so amazing how our amazing lord speaks to each and every one of us everyday in so many different ways.  I see that GOD speaks to me in so many ways everyday...More

Seminary Student
Studying to become a pastor, I recently took a course dedicated to spiritual disciplines or spiritual practices. As a part of this class, we were to participate in a daily, a weekly, and an occasional spiritual practice. Wanting to stretch myself and try something completely new, my daily practice was the Daily Office...More

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