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How can cell phone technology help spread God's Word?

The technological state of our society is what allows lookup2him to be a far-reaching ministry that spreads the gospel and deepens people’s faith. At this time in history, people’s view of stability is being rocked by the global economic turmoil and a growing uncertainty of the future. When times are unpredictably volatile, people need hope; many search for God and other things they believe to be foundationally solid. This is one reason why, now more than ever, the ministry of lookup2him is so viable. The Word of God, sent throughout the day, brings spiritual hope and emotional well-being to one’s heart and soul. When these Scripture texts are received, recipients are to take a moment and engage with God via internal and/or external dialogue. Simply put, you get a text message and you talk to God. Our website contains valuable resources to help individual participants, small groups, pastors, and churches to implement this program and reap the benefits that come from continual communication with God.

lookup2him is designed so that users can enter a cell phone number through the website, and for the next eight weeks they will receive twelve hourly text messages each day.  An individual can do this on his or her own, but our desire is that small groups and churches participate so that messages are received in unison throughout a group or organization.  We strongly suggest that part of this process should involve weekly or biweekly small group meetings, using lesson guides available through the website, to foster small group topical studies.  This creates a unified adventure for a congregation and promotes deeper discussions about the Scriptures sent. In addition, participants are able to share with others the impact that this process is having in their lives.

Today’s technology allows large numbers of text messages to be sent out nearly simultaneously.  Scripture verses are preset with themes and sequences to aid in a logical, topical, learning process.  Participants can meditate on or simply contemplate the nature of the verses for at least a full day before the next theme comes up the following morning.  Truth, Trust, World, Love, Joy, and Peace are just a few topics designed to cause one to pause, focus, and better understand God’s view of these subjects through His life-changing Word.
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